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question for those w/ boost controllers

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Ok, I got my TurboXS Dual-Stage boost controller installed, but I'm just running it as a one-stage for a while.

I hooked everything up as suggested by E D in one of the other topics. It works great, hits 15 psi in no time, and no CEL.
What I'm wondering about is if anyone else has noticed what I have. At my peak boost, it feels a little....well, chunky. Like it's flipping really quick between about 14.5 and 15 psi, even though the guage holds steady.

Anyone else noticed this? Is it normal?

btw, the stock BOV sounds a LOT better now. :wink:
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The reason your boost is bouncing up and down is because the stock WG spring is to soft, set at only 4lbs.

I stiffended the setup to 7lbs. I took a spring and attached it to the WG arm and the other end I secured it againts the brake line on the master. Make sure you put some type of rubber or something on one the end that yoru connecting to the brake line so you dont chaffe into it.
WG arm

How did you make sure that the spring was at 7 lbs. ?
Just out of curiosity, where did you get your spring?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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