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Question about Boost Controllers

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I am getting ready to purchase one but am worried about warranty vioding. Seeing as I purchased the best warranty possible, no use in blowing it.

Is it possible to remove the BC before taking the car into service? Is it hard? Will the computer memmorize my boost levels so that upon inspection, the dealership will realize that I have been boosting past factory specs?

Also, If I went with an EBC instead of MBC, do they make them with detachable faces so hiding them is easier?
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If you want to pull it out when you go to the dealership your best and easiest bet is going to be a MBC. Altough I favor the accuracy and reliability of an EBC, which is what I had in my car. I don't know of any with detachable faces per say, but you can always put it in an inconspicuous location...or just bite the bullet and realize that you are going to be modding your car and kiss that part of your warrenty good bye.
you could always whip up your own harness to take the unit out when needed
If you put the face next to the boost guage above the radio/HAC controls, you can pop off the cover and put the display unit behind it. Its not really that hard to do, or a big deal.
I was told by a dodge service guy that he doesnt care what we have done to the car.

As long as it isnt obvious that you fuked the car up, he doesn't care.

However the problem lies in the fact that sometimes they have to get help directly from DCX, and if they( DCX) ask about mods, they have to tell the truth, or else if DCX sends someone in to look at the vehicle......
they get in some big doo doo ](*,)

So all that can be said it dont be stupid :!:

Right now I have my boost contoller installed but not hooked up. I only have the display unit active, which I am using to log/graph my boost problems right now, and you bet I'lll be taking it in as is.

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