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Question about a hose line

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Hey all,

I know on the WRX there is a hose under the hood that if you pull it off, the car runs a TON of extra boost, and you only need to watch your temp. Its a small hose that connects perpendicular to another hose that connects to the stock boost controller. Does anyone know if the SRT has a hose we can pull to do this? Thanks!
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you can always pull off the hose that attaches to the turbo - then you can run full boost. Mine split causing it to come off and thats what I got. Also - detaching the line off wastegate may do it but it made my car run sluggish when at the track. (I didn't pull it off blew off from pressure)
dont do it man.....step away from the hose. i had a boost controller on for 2 days. one of the hoses blew off and i was boosting 20+ psi at partial throttle. i would just leave it alone rather than risk destroying the engine.
ok thanks for the input guys. I always thought it seemed a little fishy doing it on the wrx, but just wanted to check here as well.
yep that's called removing a vacuum line. You do that and hello instant boost. :cool: Very dangerous tho.
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