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I'm going to get the 26mm PT Cruiser Convertible Front Sway Bar (05085656AA) and the 19mm Neon Export (4656855AA)

I want to replace the bushings with Prothane.
I spoke to them on the phone

The car hasn't been dropped (yet) so end links will be the same.
Prothane tells me part 4-401 in the front and 19-413 in the rear.
This is part of the kit for a stock SRT-4

Now the sway bar bushings are tricky as I am increasing the diamiter, 26 F and 19 R.

Prothane has two types of brackets Style A for 16-25mm and Style B for 25-32mm

Parts number
19mm Bracket Style A 19-1118
26mm Bracket Style B 19-1142

Question - Are these brackets direct bolt ons?

As a note:
Modern told me they only sell whole kits.
Prothane tells me that Howell will sell individual parts.

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i am very sure that the brakets you talk about will bolt right up its just 2 bolts.. any way good luck. i put the prothane bushings on the sway bar and i can say there is a big differents i love it..
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