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First Dyno of Project Blue Sled from Pfi-speed. The 3rd dyno pull on just 18 psi, revving to 6400 rpms the car made an impressive 512whp/497ft lbs sae corrected. The car should make giant power after the turbo comes back from being rebuilt tje comp wheel touched the housing and broke fins.

Here is the Video:

Dyno Graph:

Excited to see what the car will do...fully dailed in and tuned :eveilgrin

Thanks Kevin Warren and also James (Ghost-1) who has been helping


Internal Block Modifications:
• Full Long Block Motor Built by AMT Racing Engines with .040 overbore
• Crank Assembly Knife Edge Cut and Balanced
• Crank Lightened
• Shot Peen Crank
• Manley Rods- All DCR Machined for correct clearances for the proper wristpin fitment and DCR Balanced
• DCR Custom Spherical Dish Pistons ( Wiesco 8:5:1)
o -DCR Machined Valve Pockets
o -Additional DCR Accumulator Grooves
o -Additional DCR Ring Land Grooves
o -Pistons Calico Coated with Thermal Coating
• Calico Coated Rod and Main Bearing Set
• Balance Chain Removal
• Balanced Rotating Assemble
• Weight Balanced internals
• ATI Super Damper Standard Harmonic Balancer
• Titan Copper Head Gasket
• Receiver Groove for O-Ring
• Drilled out Block for Custom ordered ½ inch Oversized ARP Studs
• DCR Baffle
• DCR Scraper
• Modified DCR Windage Tray by AMT
• DCR Crank Strap Kit
• DCR Crank Stud Kit
• Fully Balanced & Blue Printed

Oiling System Modifications:
• DCR Top End Oil Flow Modification/Restrictor (on the way)
• DCR Oil Pump with Billet Gears
• Oil Cooler Removed
• Big K&N Oil Filter
• AMT Race Engines Pickup Tube with Screen (From a Big Block)
• Bwoody Catch Can – Powder Coated Blue
• Joe Gibbs 20w50

Cooling System Modifications:
• Koyo SRT4 Racing Radiator with Factory Fans on a Switch
• 180 Degree Thermostat
• Realtune Performance Modified Thermostat Housing for Sheet Metal Intake Manifold
• Rage-Tek Thermostat Spacer
• ARP Stud Kit with Nuts for Thermostat Housing (We had some left over lol)
• Purple Ice Additive reservoir
• Coolant Used – Cheap Shit from Wal-Mart
• JMB Performance Coolant Overflow Tank (Mounted by Windshield reservoir tank)
• A/C Deleted

Head Modifications:
• CNC Ported Head - Rage-Tek
• Full Race Port and Polished – AMT
• 5 Angle Valve Job - AMT
• Gasket Matched Intake - AMT
• Gasket Matched Exhaust - AMT
• Custom +1 Stainless Exhaust Valves
• Custom +1 Stainless Intake Valves
• DCR Custom Single Grove Valve Keepers
• Custom Grinded Crane 20 Camshafts (Lift 224/413 and Duration 266)
• Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears- Polished
• DCR Valve Springs
• DCR Light Weight Retainers
• Titan Copper Head Gasket
• O-Ring in the Head and a Receiver Groove in the Block
• Drilled Head out for Custom ½ inch oversized ARP Headstuds
• DCR Manual Timing Belt Billet Tensioner
• DCR Custom Hydraulic Lash Adjusters

Forced Induction System Modifications (Intake side)
• Precision T-67 with Ported Shroud (P-trim wheel (63 A/R ratio) – Polished
• CTI 4" Big Turbo Intake with 7” K&N Filter – Polished
• AGP Full Race Intercooler 24x12x4.5 - Polished
• CTI Custom 2.5" Turbo Discharge Pipe
• 2.5" Lower Hot Side Hard Pipe - Polished
• 3” Upper Hard Pipe - Black 6 Ply Silicon Coupling
• Polished Tial 50mm BOV
• Realtune Performance Modified Boomba Billet 70mm Throttle Body - Polished
• Realtune Performance Custom SRT4 Sheet Metal Intake Manifold - Polished
• Hondata Intake Manifold Spacer Gasket
• ARP Stud Kit with Nuts for Intake Manifold
• T-bolt Clamps on all Turbo Piping

Forced Induction System Modifications (Exhaust side)
• CTI Equal Length Tubular Exhaust Manifold with Race Port - Ceramic Coated Jet Black
• Multi-layer Exhaust Manifold Gasket
• Copper Gasket for Turbo
• ARP Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit w/ Nuts
• ARP Studs for Turbo Mounted to Exhaust Manifold
• Studs for Downpipe off Turbo Discharge
• Twisted Metals Custom 1.75" V-band WG Dump Tube - Polished
• Twisted Metals Custom 4” Stainless Steel Downpipe with 2 bungs welded for 02 sensors.
• Twisted Metals Custom 4" Aluminum Cat Back Exhaust
• Tial 44mm Wastegate with 1.4 bar spring - Polished
• Performance Werks Stainless Turbo Heat Shield – Polished

V- Band Connections
• Vibrant Performance - 3” V-Band kit with O-ring for Cold Side Pressure Pipe to Intercooler
• Vibrant Performance - 2.5” V-Band Kit with O-ring for Discharge Pipe connection to Turbo Compressor
• Vibrant Performance - 2.5” V-Band Kit with O-ring for Hot Side connection of Intercooler
• Vibrant Performance – 4” V-Band Kit for Exhaust connection for Downpipe out

Fuel System Modifications:
• Full Blown Dual in Tank Fuel Set Up
• Dual Evo 255 Walbro Fuel Pumps
• Fuel System -10an (1/2") Stainless Braided Fuel Feed Line
• Fuel System -6an Stainless Braided Fuel Return Line
• JEGS Large -10an (1/2") High Flow External Fuel Filter (10 Micros)
• -10an (1/2") Fuel Rail
• -4an Stainless Braided lines for Nitrous - Fuel and Nitrous
• A1000 Injected Bypass Regulator (-10 feed, -6 return,) – Black and Red
• Russell Fuel Fittings
• Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc Injectors

Nitrous Modifications:
• Controlled by AEM EMS:
• NX EFI Fogger Nitrous kit with approximately a 75-90 Shot
• MSD Digital RPM Window Switch
• Arming Switch's
• LED's for Arming Switch's
• NX Bottle Heater
• NX Nitrous Gauge
• NX Nitrous Purge Kit
• NX Nitrous Blow Down Tube
• NX 10lb Bottle – Murdered Out Black
• NOS Nitrous Blow Down Tube
• NOS 10lb Bottle – Murdered Out Black
• NX Quick Release Nitrous Mounting Brackets
• NOS Dual Blue LED Nitrous Purge Kit
• Twisted Metals Custom Nitrous Intercooler Sprayer Bar – Polished

Drive Train Modification:
• Rage-Tek Twin Disc Clutch, Rage-Tek Billet Accell Input Shaft
• pfi-speed 3/4 fork and Snap ring
• AGP Billet Shift Selector
• TWN Short Shifter with Booger Bushings
• AGP Solid Transmission Mount
• PSI-FI Solid Upper Motor Mount – Polished
• PSI-FI Solid Lower Motor Mount – Polished
• Twisted Metals Custom CNC Machined Motor Mount Piece - Polished
• Modern Performance High Strength Motor Mount Bolt Kit for Mounts/ TQ struts
• Painted Transmission High Heat Glass Black

Suspension & Brake Modifications:
• D2 Racing Coilovers ( Spring rate in Front 8K and 6K in rear)
• Rear DC Sport Strut Tower Brace Bar
• Rev It Up Traction Bars - Black
• Performance Autowerks Big Front Mount Crash Brace Bar – Painted Gloss Black w/ Clear Coat
• PT Cruiser Front Sway Bar - 26mm
• PT Cruiser Rear Sway Bar - 19MM
• RO JA Formula 5 wheels - Silver with Polished Lip
• Toyo Proxie Tires
• Energy Suspension Rear End Links
• Hawk Performance Brake Pads
• Slotted Rotors
• Hand Brushed Painted Calipers- Flame Red

Ignition system Modifications:
• Realtune Performance Custom Individual Coil Setup
• MSD 8.5mm Distributor Wires
• Realtune Performance Heat Shield w/ Mounting bracket
• MSD DIS-4 Plus High Output
• NKG Idrinum 2-step colder plugs - Gapped to ???

Vacuum System Modifications:
• Stock Vacuum lines removed and Replaced will Silicone
• Stock solenoids removed
• PVC and Crankcase -10 AN fittings welded with -10 Lines
• TwistedMetals Custom Catch Can with Breather and -10AN Fittings Welded for Lines20

Electronic Tuning Modifications:
• AEM EMS Non UEGO Standalone Computer
• AEM EMS Boost Solenoid
• AEM EMS 5 Bar Map Sensor
• AEM EMS Fuel pressure Sensor
• AEM EMS Oil pressure Sensor
• AEM EGT Sensor
• AGP IAT Sensor

Electrical Modifications:
• Custom dual relay wiring set up for dual fuel pump system (controlled by AEM EMS)
• Battery moved to Trunk
• Odyssey Dry Cell Battery
• Custom Charging Post
• Battery On/Off Switch Mounted in Trunk

Gauges and other in Cabin Monitoring Electronics
• AEM Voltmeter Gauge – Red LED display
• AEM Wideband O2 Gauge - Red LED display
• AEM Boost Gauge - Red LED display
• AEM Fuel Pressure Gauge - Red LED display
• AEM Oil Pressure Gauge - Red LED display
• MSD Digital Programmable Shift Light – Red LED display

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Thanks guys, Sean and I are so excited to finally have it running and done! Im so surprised at the numbers already on low boost without alot of tune time.

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Can we get some details? built? Turbo size?

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Great numbers man!!

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Can we get some details? built? Turbo size?
You can find it under the build thread in my signature but I just posted most of the mod list..

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As of yesterday with the Help of Kevin & James. We decided to order a new Precision 6765 Billet wheel, journey bearing, .82ar , Anti surge Ported S cover.

Should come in begining of next week so Kevin can get the car back together. Car should GAINT power now with this turbo since its been doing very well with the Evos

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Impressive, good luck. Can't wait to see track numbers :)

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Its been awsome watching the cars progress, cant wait to see more!

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thats a nice build.

good work Kevin
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