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problem cant figure out NEED SUM HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ok i was on the free way messin around with a camaro and i noticed i was boosting but shit i wasnt going anywhere so0o later on i got back on the main roads turned my boost down cuz i thought i was hitting fuel cut out , i started to drive well i started to boost i went threw the rpms 1 2 3 then at 4rpm i jus stoped pulling i dont know why but i think maybe the plugs fawled out but i also noticed my temp guage was a bit hot too, then i let it sit for a couple of hours and i was boostin fine threw every rpm pulled all the way threw soo i have know idea wut could of happend besides maybe to hot or spark plug or bad plugs wut do u Think????????:wah?!: :ninja: :crying: :stab: :flame:
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What mods do you have? Have you dont a thorough boost leak test? What kind of plugs and what are they gapped at?

Also,....please use punctuation next time. That post really hurts to read.
i figured it out it was a loose plug man it pulls now, but yea sry about the puncuation im not good with that stuff, but ne waz its all good
lol dont you just love these forums.
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