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Discussion Starter · #1 · had a chat with the SRT-4 designers/engineers
back on October 23. They say the chat transcripts should
be arriving on the website before too long.

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#MotorCityInteractive-Event: chatlet=Auditorium questions=AskDodge height=42
#MotorCityInteractive-Event: Bio=Have a question for our guests? Type it here and press send:
DodgeGreeter1: Welcome to Dodge's SRT-4 chat. We will begin the chat at 8:00 pm EST. If you have a question for the Dodge engineers, type it in the space above your chat window and press send.
Dodge_Engineers: We will let you read the magazine, and test for yourself -- we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: johnws6-guest says: When you say the srt-4 costs under 20k, i assume that is just the base price of the car, what other figures are included in the price?
Dodge_Engineers: The base price is $19,480.
Dodge_Engineers: Destination is 515 dollars for a total of 19,995 MSRP.
Dodge_Engineers: That includes everything -- the only options on the SRT-4 are
Dodge_Engineers: color and side air bags.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Smithman-guest says: what kind of turbo is on it and whats the peak psi?
Dodge_Engineers: The turbo charger is a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Dodge_Engineers: The model is TD04LR-16GK.
Dodge_Engineers: And it has a maximum pressure ratio of 3.
Dodge_Engineers: In the vehicle you will see anywhere between 10 and 15 PSI of boost pressure depending on ambient conditions.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Stuff818-guest says: How did the car get its name?
Dodge_Engineers: SRT-4 stands for Street and Racing Technology.
Dodge_Engineers: The number 4 stands for the number of cylinders of the vehicle.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: ShaneHale-guest says: I have heard a lot of different HP ratings for the SRT-4. What is the official HP at the wheels?
Dodge_Engineers: The official horsepower rating at the crank is 215 [email protected] rpms,
Dodge_Engineers: and the maximum torque at the crank is [email protected] rpms.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: whirlybird-guest says: Which front Fascia is the production one ?
Dodge_Engineers: The production fascia has two larger openings above the bumper beam.
Dodge_Engineers: This design optimizes the SRT-4's cooling system.
Dodge_Engineers: This is for performance driving.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: joseph-guest says: When the MOPAR upgrade components are released, what will they consist of, and what will the pricing be?
Dodge_Engineers: Even though the SRT-4 is pretty potent right out of the box,
Dodge_Engineers: there are some engine and suspension related MOPAR performance parts currently under development.
Dodge_Engineers: Stay tuned.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: PaulMTU-guest says: how big is the intercooler
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 intercooler is a high efficiency seven row VALEO unit unique to the SRT-4.
Dodge_Engineers: The end tanks were optimized using computational fluid dynamics analysis,
Dodge_Engineers: and the core section area optimized for high flow.
Dodge_Engineers: It is the largest design that was packaged between the frame rails,
Dodge_Engineers: and it works very well.
Dodge_Engineers: Specific test data won't be published.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: PaulMTU-guest says: will this always be a limtied production car
Dodge_Engineers: Yes.
Dodge_Engineers: We are not able to speculate on future volumes,
Dodge_Engineers: but like all PVO vehicles,
Dodge_Engineers: the Dodge SRT-4 is definitely going to be a "niche vehicle".
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: gdflys_snet_net-gues says: Are there any forseeable problems with running the car during the winter in colder/snowy climates.
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 is equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 3 season tires from the factory.
Dodge_Engineers: For winter driving,
Dodge_Engineers: a suitable snow tire is recommended.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: gts012-guest says: Why are only 4 colors offered on the SRT-4? The SE and SXT Neon's offer up to 9 colors.
Dodge_Engineers: The limited color options
Dodge_Engineers: add to the SRT-4's niche vehicle status.
Dodge_Engineers: The colors are:
Dodge_Engineers: Solar Yellow
Dodge_Engineers: Bright Silver Metallic
Dodge_Engineers: Black
Dodge_Engineers: and Flame Red.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: chat-guest says: Does the vehicle come in an Automatic?
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 is equipped with a T850 manual transmission as standard equipment,
Dodge_Engineers: no automatic transmissions will be offered.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: WheatKing-guest says: Does the SRT-4 utilize a 2 bar map or 3 bar map sensor?
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 is equipped with a 2.25 bar map sensor.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Earl says: What will be the curb weight?
Dodge_Engineers: The curb weight of the SRT-4 will be about 2900 pounds.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: speedraceriowa-guest says: Why no limited slip differential?
Dodge_Engineers: At the time of the SRT-4's development,
Dodge_Engineers: a limited slip differential was not available for the T850.
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 is equipped with an equal length halfshaft system.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: jemmatime-guest says: When will the Canadian market see the SRT-4?
Dodge_Engineers: A firm decision has not been made yet,
Dodge_Engineers: and unfortunately, we can't comment on future product plans.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: robert-guest says: When will we see it in the magazines (SCC and others)
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 will appear in the December issues of many popular automotive enthusiast magazines.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Kevin-guest says: When can I get an SRT-4?
Dodge_Engineers: SRT-4 production will begin in December, 2002,
Dodge_Engineers: with vehicles available for sale in January of 2003.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Tyler-guest says: Will it include the current 7/70 powertrain warranty?
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 will have the standard new vehicle warranty offered at the time and location of purchase.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Amy-guest says: Will there be an SRT-6 Intrepid or SRT-4/SRT-6 Stratus Sedan?
Dodge_Engineers: Unfortunately, we cannot comment on future product plans.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: andy-guest says: Will there be a factory spoiler-delete option for those who don't want to attract the attention of local law enforcement? - similar to the WRX no-spoiler option.
Dodge_Engineers: There will not be the option to delete any of the standard equipment on the 2003 Dodge SRT-4.
Dodge_Engineers: The rear wing on the SRT-4 is functional
Dodge_Engineers: and balances the car's aerodynamics at speed.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Arden-guest says: Are the upgrade performance packages factory or dealer installed?
Dodge_Engineers: Due to the software and hardware changes
Dodge_Engineers: plans for the MOPAR engine performance kits, they will most likely have to be installed by a dealer.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: DodgeRT-guest says: with so much power on a front wheel drive, how did you deal with torque steer
Dodge_Engineers: Torque steer is minimized on the SRT-4
Dodge_Engineers: with the application
Dodge_Engineers: of an equal length halfshaft drive train.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: seth-guest says: Where is the blowoff valve mounted?
Dodge_Engineers: The blowoff valve on the SRT-4 is integrated into the compressor housing.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: TekWarren-guest says: will the turbo psi be tunable?
Dodge_Engineers: The turbo boost on the SRT-4 will not be tuneable.
Dodge_Engineers: The boost control has been optimized for peak performance under a variety of driving conditions.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: kngmike-guest says: on the first magazine ad that i've seen for the srt-4, there are two more openings on the front facias, is that an option or will that look be permanent?
Dodge_Engineers: The production fascia has two larger openings above the bumper beam.
Dodge_Engineers: This design optimizes the SRT-4's cooling system for performance driving.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Dodger-guest says: what are the different colors available for the interior?
Dodge_Engineers: The only interior color available on the SRT-4
Dodge_Engineers: is a Deep Slate Gray.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: borbski-guest says: hey, how much time was put into the design and engineering of the srt-4 and how fun was it during and after working on it??
Dodge_Engineers: Working on the SRT-4 has really been a blast,
Dodge_Engineers: especially when we get to embarass a few V8 muscle cars on Woodward Avenue.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: sparky-guest says: does the car feel more solid than a regular neon...? and as a past glh turbo owner, it is about time another turbo zipper is in your arsenal
Dodge_Engineers: Thanks for being a loyal Dodge fan.
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 is a high performance derivative of the Neon platform.
Dodge_Engineers: And many improvements have been made in the SRT-4's chassis to improve its performance.
AskDodge: TurboGTC-guest says: Is the scoop in the hood functional?
Dodge_Engineers: *
Dodge_Engineers: Yes, the scoop in the SRT-4's hood is functional.
Dodge_Engineers: It directs cold air at the turbo charger
Dodge_Engineers: to provide more cooling.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Vinnie-guest says: Why the 2.4 liter engine?
Dodge_Engineers: The 2.4 liter turbo engine was the largest engine we could fit in the Neon,
Dodge_Engineers: and it was co-developed with the engine that is now offered in the PT Turbo.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: ApexParts-guest says: Will the SRT-4 be available with a Sunroof?
Dodge_Engineers: Sunroof is not an option on the 2003 model year SRT-4.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: chargertime-guest says: What Role will the PVO team play in other Dodge models in the coming years?
Dodge_Engineers: There are many exciting high-performance derivatives of production vehicles in the works.
Dodge_Engineers: Stay tuned!
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: MoparMan-guest says: will the srt-4 be displayed at SEMA in November?
Dodge_Engineers: Absolutely!
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 and many of its high-performance brethren will be making their appearance at SEMA.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: tman-guest says: Is there any common design between this car and neon?
Dodge_Engineers: The Neon platform served as a solid base on which we could develop the high performance derivative SRT-4.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: john-guest says: Will the SRT-4 have crusie control?
Dodge_Engineers: The stable under the hood is only so big, and we chose to fill it with horses.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: D1N20-guest says: Are the brake calipers really painted red, and are the front rotors cross-drilled?
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 brake calipers will be powder coated red, and the front rotors will not be cross drilled.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: johnr-guest says: how about a convertable version?
Dodge_Engineers: No convertible is planned from the manufacturer's standpoint,
Dodge_Engineers: but the SRT-4 is a great canvas for after-market tuners to display their artwork and skillz.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: johnr-guest says: is the clutch tention strong enough for a man or made for a girl
Dodge_Engineers: The clutch in the SRT-4 is a heavy-duty 9 and a half inch sachs unit.
Dodge_Engineers: And the clutch pedal efforts are similar to the production Neon.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: DodgeRT-guest says: is there a difference between the SRT4 engine and the one in a PT cruiser turbo?
Dodge_Engineers: Both the engine in the SRT-4 and the one in the PT Cruiser Turbo are nearly the same.
Dodge_Engineers: They were in fact co-developed,
Dodge_Engineers: and most of the parts are the same.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Rishmo says: can you describe the handling of this vehicle as it compares to a focus zx3?
Dodge_Engineers: What's a Focus ZX3?????
Dodge_Engineers: *
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 has mountains of good old-fashioned Detroit muscle,
Dodge_Engineers: and it does not need extra gears like some other high-revving engines.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Angel-guest says: Is the yellow used for the neons the same as the one being used for the SRT-4?
Dodge_Engineers: Yes, the Solar Yellow is available on the SRT-4 and other Neon models.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: neonracingchic-guest says: When first being introduced, the SRT-4 had a great sound system. What will the sound system consist of now?
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4 comes with a premium six speaker sound system from the factory.
Dodge_Engineers: We're leaving the high end stereo installation to the audiophilez.
AskDodge: Daimlerz-guest says: Since Chyrsler re-entered the Australian car market in 1997 with the introduction of the Voyager and now the PTCruiser, are there plans to launch this pocket rocket in Australia in the future?
Dodge_Engineers: *
Dodge_Engineers: Currently, the SRT-4 will be available only in the U.S. market.
AskDodge: Dave-guest says: Rumor has it this car is a take off from the Subaru WRX. is this true?
Dodge_Engineers: *
Dodge_Engineers: What's a Subaru WRX????
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: korn-guest says: when will we see a commercial for it?
Dodge_Engineers: What's up, Korn? :)
Dodge_Engineers: You should see the first SRT-4 commercial on your tube in January, dawg!
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: contraption22-guest says: Waht kind of connectiong rods will be used? Better than old 2.0 stuff?
Dodge_Engineers: The SRT-4's 2.4 liter engine is equipped with heavy-duty hypereutectic forged steel connecting rods.
Dodge_Engineers: The pistons also have full floating pins.
AskDodge: CraigRT-guest says: will there be a cloth option in this car? or all leather?
Dodge_Engineers: *
Dodge_Engineers: The only available interior will be a cloth interior.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Midwest_NRG-guest says: Will MOPAR performance stuff void the warrenty? Or, are you working with dealerships to open that up?
Dodge_Engineers: Competition parts are sold "as is", without any warranty whatsoever.
Dodge_Engineers: The entire risk as to the quality and performance of such parts is with the buyer.
Dodge_Engineers: DaimlerChrysler vehicle and parts warranties are voided if the vehicle or parts are used for competition,
Dodge_Engineers: or if they fail as the result of modification.
Dodge_Engineers: For full disclosure, see the MOPAR parts catalogue.
Dodge_Engineers: *
AskDodge: Dodge says: Thank you for this informative chat. Unfortunately we are almost out of time. Do you have any parting words for our audience?
Dodge_Engineers: We had a blast tonight,
Dodge_Engineers: and developing the SRT-4,
Dodge_Engineers: and we KNOW that you'll have a blast driving it too.
Dodge_Engineers: **
Dodge: Thank you for participating in the Dodge SRT-4 chat.
Dodge: If you didn't get here in time to see the whole chat, it will be archived on the SRT-4 page at
Dodge: Check back regularly to see updates about this great new vehicle.
Dodge: .
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Dodge: Copyright 2002
Dodge: All Rights Reserved
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