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If anyone is interested, there is a track day at PPIR this Sunday. It's open to all levels of ability and considering the venue it's pretty cheap. You can contact Leslie Howard (contact info below) for more details on the event. Watching and riding is FREE.

Leslie Howard
Quick Chick Racing, LLC.

I will be there with both SRT-4s, but will only be driving the Silver ITE car. We got a passenger seat installed if anyone wants a ride. PPIR is a fun track for rides and the ITE car moves right along! ;)

Oh, and if everything works out there will be FOUR Ferrari F40s there this weekend. I might even have to tow one back for a guy! Talk about white knuckle driving!!! :eeeek:

Hope some of you can make it.


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My recently restored 1990 shelby Daytona is awaiting the engine install and I don;t pick up teh SRT-4 for a couple of more weeks, but I guess I can break out my 1994 road racing B4C camaro for the fist time since I've moved to elevation.

I've run several tracks in the midwwest over the years (gingerman, black hawk farms, MIR, road america, joliet, tire rack test facilities, Gateway and memphis motorsports park) .

I don't have race tread anymore but I'm assuming BFG KD's will work as long as I use the 4 point harness and a helmet. I'll call leslie and get details in the AM.

-=MIke Bailey
Erie, Co.
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