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The price seems fair to me. I noticed that it has Texas plates but you mentioned Montana... I'm confused. And not having seen too much inclement weather is a good thing, IMO. Mine sat out it's first winter in Iowa at the dealership and then saw DD use (through Indiana winters) for the first few years that I owned it but it has always been garaged (a lot of salt in the winter here) and was rustproofed by Ziebart when I first got it home from Iowa.

It does appear to be stock, although the trunk lid has been debadged (why do pics of SRT-4s for sale always show the cowl weatherstripping being loose?). And I don't see any "Honda cancer" around the rear wheel wells so that is a good sign. How does it look underneath? Rust anywhere? How does the driver's seat look- any tears in the outside bolsters? Any problems with the third gear grinding (I've read that a lot when it comes to used SRT-4s)?

Since you mentioned mileage, mine has achieved 30+ MPG highway on long trips (Stage 2 with Toys to boot).

I'm sure that others here with a lot more knowledge than I have will post up soon to answer your questions.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts