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possible sale what do u think

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thinking about selling two things and want to see what kind of intrest i get with them first is a silver and carbon kaminari wing and second is a brand new lambo door kit for the srt4 bought from jt autostyles just a feeler let see what kind of intrest i get lambo doors are band new and paid 800 and the wing was 430 let me know if anyone has an intrest in them
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The lambo door kit is the same one I had guys. The JT Evo kit from JT Autostyles in Cali. Good construction and quality. If you've seen my old SXT then you know. Also the wing is the KTR style from Kaminari.... Jason is a good guy to deal with and will work with ya on prices. help the guy get his stuff sold!
He's deployed here with me..... actually on the same FOB as luck would have it. He doesn't have pictures of the thing as it sits now. If you search Schnuppi_2.... its his old wing and I know there are pictures of his car on ehre somewhere. maybe Jason will post later with those pics but I'm waaaaay too lazy to look :D
here is what i can do

still new at this so i cant load the damn pic internet is slow go to and got to top 50 and look up schnuppi_2 picks that is the wing well let me know
k this just in i am willing to trade too if anyone wants to for some rims and tires need to be in decent condition will consider giving up my factoy wheels too with the deal let me know what u guy have and ill let u know if i need or want it
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