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pop from front drivers side under load

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Hopefully someone on here has some advice for how I can fix this popping noise from my front end...

Anytime I take off from a dead stop, or I back up from a dead stop, then go foreward, I get a pop noise from the front drivers side. I checked the axle nuts the other day...and they were about 1/4 turn loose. That seemed to make the problem a lot now I have to really take off hard for it to make the noise, but it's still there.

At some point, I read about an axle popping TSB that was posted for '04's, and now I can't find anything about that. Anyone have any clue if this is my problem, or what the problem could be?? HELP!
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Sure it's not an engine mount?
not totally positive, but i'll be sure to check that. Just doesn't seem that way, since tightening the axle nut seemed to help a bit. But I guess it could be....just seems to be coming from the front drivers side, right by the wheel.
heh, I have this same problem. Mine seems to show up more around 40mph when I am driving in traffic on and off the gas. I've taken apart most of the front end now and cant find anything wrong. I am going to remove the air box next week and check the trans mount.

One thing I noticed the other day, I can pull on the inner cx joint on the trans side and it moves in and out a little. But only when jacked up.

The other night I was driving in the city and started to hear a metal sound. 3 hours later after parking the car for a little I did not hear it anymore. Started to think it was a wheel bearing..
lower control arm bushings seperated.....very common
05plsrt4 said:
lower control arm bushings seperated.....very common

05plsrt4 said:
lower control arm bushings seperated.....very common
i've got poly bushings...not the case here.
or could be ball joint lose. I know someone that had that happen.
SoloDogg said:
nobody else have this?
Checking your Ball joints...
Get a floor jack and jack the wheel up 3/4 inch off the gorund get a large pry bar and wedge it under the middle of the tire and have someone look at your balljoint while applying pressure to the prybar. If you have play in your balljoint up and down at about 1/4 of an inch variance, it is bad. The balljoint should be solid. Also make sure you are jacking up under the control arm so you are putting a load on the suspension other wise you will see no play in the joint due to the flex from the suspension.
I am going to say wheel bearing is the cause of this one for a lot of people.

we figured it out.... thank god... finally no more popping. after some searching on here we found that there was a tsb for 04 neons/srt's for an axle halfshaft gasket. the tsb requires one per side and it goes between the axle and the bearing. the p/n is 4809863AB and it is a thin steel shim about .020 thick or so ( i didn't measure it so this is a guess). if your axles are popping when you go forward or backward from changing directions or when you turn a corner you might want to try this. they are only like $.72 ea and have fixed both of our cars axle popping problem.

yeap...this is correct. no more popping issue, and it took about 30 minutes on each car to put these shims in. i reccomend them to anyone that has the popping issue at all in the front end.
does this also impact

'05's? got a popping noise on passenger side - what is the tsb #, btw?
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