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Went to change my 02 housing started off with taking off my heat shield. Then took off my down pipe and started at my O2 housing and then my second bolt on my O2 housing and it strips and goes nowhere. So what i do is start taking off my turbo manifold and took out all but one screw/bolt was left and we decided to just say F it and just started putting everything back together. Got all the bolts back in the turbo manifold and then have troubles putting the clamp on that holds the turbo to the manifold ( don't know why i took it off). Got everything back except that one bolt that is stripped. Now i turn my car on and i have a totally different exhaust tone and my car is not blowing off or boosting over 5 lbs. My guess is no back pressure but anybody have any suggestions. I have an appointment to get it looked at by dodge on Wed. but would like it fixed NOW!!!

Thanks, Brandon
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cars in limp mode is wat it sounds like to me.
Try resetting the ecu?
If you changed your 02 housing I'm assuming you were going to a bigger one...better make sure you put the stock one back on before you go in there and make sure your mods are hush hush
Thanks guys and yea i took off the ptp wastegate, put the exhaust back on and but everything back to how they got it but can't exactly hid a bfmic so oh well if they say anything ill just take it to a local performance place i have in mind.

Thanks for the help though
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