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PLEASE Help me make some sense out of this...

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Ok, well I am officially stumped about this one... I guess I should start at the beginning... Last week at the track I was running consistent 13.7-8's at 101-102 mph with the mods in my sig, minus the 3"tbe, bwoody solid motor mounts, 180 t-stat, and mopar short throw shifter... So i go back this week, with the addition of the above mentioned new mods installed, and I run nothing under a 14.0... :eeeek: The majority of my runs were 14.1-14.2, but here comes the enigma... these times were at 103-104 mph... :stab: WTF? Does anyone have any ideas about what the fuck is going on? I have posted a time slip from last week, and one from this week if anyone can help... I dont know if this should be in the performance section or Drag racing, so I'm gonna post in both. Any help would be great!

Before exhaust, Motor mounts, 180 Tstat, and Mopar STS:

After Exhaust, MM's, Tstat, and STS... WTF?
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175srt05 said:
You drove better the first time.
ha, I dont think so, because that is how i always drive... EVERY time I have been to the track with the old mods, I have ran 13.8s then started getting into the 13.7s. But today was MUCH hotter than last week too, so that may be something to do with it? I am also waiting on my evilcreations intercooler to get here so that should help me out more also? but then again, I thought the mods I just put on would also help me alot, but I actually ran a half second slower... :wah?!:
your 60fts turned to shit, so traction was an thinking you launched higher or harder then the last time...
you ran .5 quicker the first time out by the eighth mile, that is a BIG deal in the final numbers...the back half number is the same there is nothing wrong with the car time with the new setup will get you better times
Yes, traction was a BIG issue... I did nothing but spin through 1st, 2nd, and chirped em in 3rd... I must say though, the motor mounts completely eliminated my wheel hop! lol. But I got no traction whatsoever until 3rd gear. Anyone have any suggestions for suspension mods, or anything else to help me get some traction? Thanks
sticky tires/ and also harder springs in the rear. itll keep the weight from shifting off the front tires when you launch. there is also a traction control module that will be coming out ver soon, youll have to search for it though./
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