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Whats up everyone!!!

I have been hard at work the last few weeks but I'm at a point that i feel pretty good about it. Car has came along way from the day i got it.
2003 Srt-4 stage 3 (car on cbd"s website) Car needed someone to show it some love!!

Heres a few things I've done...

Moog problem solver control arms with energy poly lateral bushings.
Energy end links and sway bushings front and rear.
Went through the brakes painted f/r rotors and rear calipers put new pad on front and rear. New e-brake hardware. (i rebuild passenger side front caliper) Bled brakes.
replaced passenger seat belt
installed airbag for passenger side/covered it in sued( was a tv there someone ripped out of a custom mold they made)
went through/fixed toys wiring, replaced stereo and amp wiring,dome light license plate light shorts. Pulled a ton of crap wiring jobs out.
removed intercooler sprayers and wired methanol kit to be active off sprayer switch. Also wired in a momentary purge switch. Blue led system is active installed white led for when pump is running.
Got a used washer fluid tank and used that for rad overflow
installed headrest monitors since someone ripped old ones out
Coolant flush and new thermostat
oil change mobil 1 10-30 and mopar filter
felpro valve cover gasket
gates tensioner pulley and accessory belts
installed marshall fuel pressure gauge on fuel rail
welded in wideband o2 sensor before cat. replaced downpipe to o2 gasket.
(every exhaust bolt on this car was loose manifold,o2 housing and slip joints)
Replaced engine weather strip
replaced Lock switch on driver door
found a heat shield polished it a bit and installed
cleaned out intercooler
replaced antenna
boost leak test, replaced most of the clamps and vac lines.
removed kinetic wg and put it back on pcm control with s3 wg
new surge valve
engine detail
clay and wax so much dirt was on this bad boy
interior detail new floor mats
painted windshield runners and front bumper opening

Im sure I'm forgetting many little things.


reclear trunk
new hood hate the vents
waiting for meth tank cap
get wheels powder coated


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Thanks 4real i appreciate it. Well if your ever in cali and need work let me know id be glad to help anyone that needs it. Drove the car today and still finding little things i need to work on lol but boost keeps me happy.
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