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its a picture of an angel that you see here. i'm gonna get it as a tattoo on my back. i already emailed the guy who drew it out and asked his permission. i don't want the picture too complete, i want the legs to end at shins pretty much like they do. theres a circle behide the picture that i want shaded in as the moon(not to detailed). i basically want the picture to retain the skechty look that it already has. but i want the right arm completed and swung around the back of her body the picture is gonna be the colors that you see there and the moon behide should be a dark blue/light blue/black. the moon should pretty much just be an outline but the bottom should be the part thats most detailed and shaded. i want the contrast between the wings and the moon. the rest of the picture to just be left alone.

heres the picture

heres what i want the moon to resemble

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