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Photographed My First Wedding!!!

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Hey guys and girls. Wanted to see what ya'll thought of my shots. Now remember, this is my first wedding, SO BE NICE!!!!! :biggrin:


Here it goes....................................

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awesome pics jesse. good job.
all i can say is damn
I wish you both all the happiness in the world. :thumbsup:
I really don't like the last one. I don't think is right effect to use in that particular picture.
nice job man

to the couple: nice choice with using coke in the wine glasses as toast. classy....
they suck, just like you, jk cool pics man, where were you when the photographer at my wedding was ass raping me(financially)
cool.. not a bad business to be in. one of my customers is a wedding photographer. he pulls in like 3-10k a weekend :wah?!: drives a lamborghini, too :frogtongu
very nice mike....did use a external flash....i know it was dark in there...
BlatallicSRT said:
very nice mike....did use a external flash....i know it was dark in there...
Thanks guys for the comments. Yes I did use an external flash. It was really dark and even a low apreture lans would not of worked. Thanks again guys...
Like the new ones posted!!!!

Met your friend at the art meet....the one taking pics while you were on stage talking....Cool kat!!!
since this thread related to weddings I wanted to know if anybody does video.
Hey guys, thanks agin to all the compliments. Except for that asian ****. lol. Glad ya'll liked the shots. Hey Dilla, I have a few other galleries I am setting up with Art Directors so be free with your scheduale so you can come. I have one on July 18, 2007, and one on March 7 - April 20, 2008. I will also have some in between. I'll let you know. Thanks again for coming to the show.
Not a problem man! Gallery was nice! Girl I took liked it too :rofl: she liked the American dream one. Did you sale any of the prints!

I need to get a external flash!cheapest for my camera that I have seen is 400 or so! Eh! Lol
Your a real fukkn Peter Parker. Now go put on your Spidey pajamas and go swing off a building.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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