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painting valve cover

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Hey i was curious if regular mopar paint will hold up to the heat of the valve cover over time or does it HAVE to be either high temp paint or powdercoated
im thinking it wont hold up but i just figured i would ask first
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dont do it. i would do powder coating. i painted my old intake n it started melting right at the turbo inlet.
use the high temp engine paint. but apply about 3-7 coats. and make sure it is sanded down in all areas or else the paint will not stick and not look good.


MAn my boy does it custom and he has good prices hit me up if u want pics of his work u will love the work i promise.
tinctorus said:
Use high temp. I used black brake caliper paint, and it came out pretty damn good. :thumbsup: don't do it justice. :jester:
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well if you get your lazy ass down here for the meet ill take a look at it otherwise im buying one off of eric that he already pc'd black and ill send him my stock one back
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