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paint shop!

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when i leave to the "sand box" real real soon i need my wife to take my car to a good paint shop. anyone know of a place? im in katterbach so anything close is good but i can probebly convince her to drive a little bit to get it done. my car is black but im thinking of gunmetal unless it cost tooooo much then ill just have the front bumper , fenders and hood repainted. i know inferno might know a good shop so please chime in!


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when i get my car back i will let you know if this guy is any good he is pretty cheap so we will see hopefully cheap and good
oh when do yo uleave
real soon. about 2 paychecks from rolling out!

this is almost the color i want. maybe i lil darker. (pic is from this forum,thanks)

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click to enarge!!
Mmmm......... custom colors.....

Good luck with that henry.... Stay safe over there.... here...... Do you know where yer headed yet?
im going to iraq. thanks for the luck. i like the black, but ive fallen in love with the dark gun metal look. i need a good paint job so that it last as long as OEM.
Yeah..... I've seen pics of that gunmetal one and it looks damn good. If I got something done I'd go lime green myself.

I'm just outside of Baghdad. Was wonderin if you knew what FOB or LSA or what not. I'd imagine with yer MOS you'd go somewhere with Taco Bell or somethin :D
there is a place in shweinfurt called tri star auto they do really good work and will do a whole repaint job in color changing paint for 3000 euro so u can image cheap a regular paint job would be their phone number is 01726644619
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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