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Hello again everyone,

A couple months ago, my car would not build any boost, and would throw out the p2074 code (because it was looking for boost that wasnt there), along with falling on its face/bogging at 3800 rpm. The cat ended up being the culprit and that problem was eliminated. Before this, ive never had this issue, but I also wasnt ever able to build above 10-12 psi since ive got it 4.5 months ago. During my quest to figure out my no boost issue, i have checked out everything with the car up on stands for weeks.

Now Ive had the issue with my car throwing p2074, and making it bog, ever since I got the "No Boost" issue fixed. This however does not happen all of the time though, well the code is ALWAYS there.
1)I have reset the ECU by pulling the battery cables for 10 min-10 hrs, and even had a scan too reset it. The code does go away but comes back the second I hit the gas, or start moving by slowly releasing the clutch.
2) After the reset, the car will fall on its face at about 3800 rpm, also it will randomly idle high, like the idle is just way too high, and the motor gets warmer than it probably should (like the timing is being retard)
3) However if I drive it around for about a day, keeping it below 3000 rpm, it will negate this mode from time to time, this is what ive found is the only way it does NOT put it into this mode.
A) The car has been sitting all night or after a full shift at work, so as long as I start it COLD, and it will stay running good, no matter if i drive it 5 min or an hour, but the second I shut it off and turn it back on, this "crap mode" comes back
B) For when the motor is still "warm" (ie hasnt sat for at least like 6-8 hrs), if I Unplug the MAP, start it and let it die a couple times, then plug it back in, let it die or run, then completely remove the key and start her back up, then like 75% of the time it will start running normal again.
4) I have done a boost leak test and I do not have any leaks, least in the engine bay. Also the car builds boost wonderfully, even when its in this dumb mode.

THE MODS I have done: (most came with the car, which i bought from the dealer so i know nothing about its past other than i can see)
GTX3076r Turbo
AGP Manifold
3" o2 housing
Larger FMIC
Turbonetics Evolution WGA
3" Cold Air intake
Granateli Wires (was mopar with same issue)
NGK Plugs (ive replaced 2 times)
Hot and cold IC piping
T-Clamps all the way around.
Lowering Springs

I have a AF guage im working on hooking up but havent got a welder and the extra bung i have already installed and it doesnt want me to get the allen key plug out. I have a. I also have a 3bar MAP and TIP sitting on my bench because i bought them before i read you need to have PCM work done (never installled them) if you have a S0 (which im sure is what I have). I have a bluetooth obdII adapter coming so i can use my tablet for a data logger

Please does anyone have any ideas, I have read as many posts as i could find with mixed or no answers, or they didnt apply for whatever reason. Again this light comes back the second i touch the gas pedal after a clear of the CEL, so it doesnt seem like a normal leak????
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