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p1188 and dont no why

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i have a 2004 that has the same s0 ecu in it that iv always had and i have done the tip mod and im running 20psi safely but i got a p1188 code, i have been runing this setup for close to a year with out this code and then out of noware i get it. can the map sensor and tps talked to each othere and determin a p1188. i thought the tip mod keeps this from hapening. im reset the ecu and it went away hopfuly it wont come back.
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My friend is geting this same code (2003) is this the overboost code it was not listed on the code list on here.
Nobody said it gets RID of it, it CONTAINS it. dont stay in boost for too long and you'll be alright.
will a mapclamp stop the ptb code problem
Nope only staying outta ptb. think about it this way its either FULL BOOST or NO BOOST!
Keep it below 5 psi in PTB and you shouldn't set a code. Mine is most sensitive in 4th gear.
i boost 11 ptb if i hold it to lng ding on comes the light . i was hoping a mapclamp would hide boost enough to sto that.i also am either very little throttle or all throttle. 1st an 2nd just spin so quick when your spiking 18 . i'm thinking also about a deul stage boost controller for 1st an 2nd gear . any thoughts there?
unplug the red line going to the cold intercooler pipe and tap it....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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