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p0456 help please

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need some help i keep getting the p0456 code and a check engine light and i can not find what the problam is i keep resetting the car by disconnecting the battery and it goes away for a few days but then comes back i have check to make sure the gas cap is on tight and i never fill the tank past half full so i have run out of ideas also i have a small water leak but i dont think that would cause the code not sure though. the code stands for a small evap leak, any help would be great thanks.
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look underneath your car at all your evap hoses. a small split in any of the lines at your vapor canister or detector can cause it. detector & canister are near your rear right wheel.
good luck!
this sounds stupid but i looked under the car and i can not tell what the evap hoses and vapor canister look like any help what they look like and where they are thanks
went to pickup knew plugs at napa so i asked the guy if he had any ideas and he said that maybe the gas cap went bad because they test them when you get your emmision done.
black plastic canister directly behind gas tank on pass side. 3 black rubber hoses coming off it, I believe.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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