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Our stock brakes [email protected] SUCK!!!!

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God I cant explain how much I hate our stock brakes.Somebody please chime in and tell me wtf I can do to get rid of this METAL TO METAL GRINDING NOISE that I get when I brake hard one time after another.So my pads went bad,car almost has 40k miles on her,its an 04'.I went with the Hawk HPS pads and Powerslot rotors on the front of the car only since the front of the car is where the squeeking was coming from.Car was fine after,bled the system and everything...didn't notice much of a difference but wasnt really expecting that much you know?Anyways,the cars making that horrible grinding noise when you brake hard one time after another and its really annoying.Do I need to change the pads in the back too?Should I get new brake fluid?(again since I just changed it when I put the pads on)Should I invest in some SS brake lines?If anyone can tell me anything,that would be great.I dont believe im the only person with this problem,thanks!
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It's no the brake system, it's the pads. Hawk pads are notoriously loud as hell. THey work great though, I just ordered another set for all four including slotted and drilled rotors from r1concepts.
How in the hell does the stock brakes suck if you're using aftermarket pads?
HoTSauZE said:
How in the hell does the stock brakes suck if you're using aftermarket pads?
:jester: :jester:
The stock brakes suck because BEFORE I got new pads,they did the same thing.Thats why buddy. :)

This is a little off topic but dont buy ceramics.... fuggin pads last long time but once you heat them up too many times they glaze and squeak everytime you step on the brakes. for those that didnt know... got 40k out of your stock pads and they started grinding because they were worn, a sure sign of a shitty brake system of course. then you go out and buy a set of pads known for being loud and bitch about them being loud.

makes perfect sense to me :ftard:
srtprince said:
Stock brakes are actually quite good.
^^^What he said...
FraziersSRT said:
The stock brakes suck because BEFORE I got new pads,they did the same thing.Thats why buddy. :)
The noise you heard before you installed new pads and rotors iis probably not the same noise with brand new 40k, the noise is because the pads, and maybe rotors are near death....on brand new pads/rotors, noise is a different story obviously.

new pads squeal a little....20 q's: Did you clean the calipers good first? Did you use a liberal helping of brake and caliper lube on the caliper pins, and a bit around the clips of the pad? The calipers can stick open/shut if not, hence grinding pads on rotors! Did you bed and burnish your new pads/rotors per manufacturers instructions? Did you commit a cardinal sin and hose off your brakes when hot since you installed them, warping the rotors possibly?

I use HAWK, HPS....HPS isn't ceramic, they stop great, they're good, thick pads, not fact quieter and make less dust than most stockers, I like them anyway
kenskiv said:
srtprince said:
Stock brakes are actually quite good.
^^^What he said...

If you magazine race one of the CD/MT reviews had the SRT-4 stopping better from 70mph than most cars including a Lamborghinni Diablo.
psi chick - Im saying that replacing the stock rotors and pads didnt do shit.The car will stop fine,but once you keep stopping over and over again,it makes that same sound like the pads are rubbing on the calipers.

srtprince - Yeah stock brakes are good if you drive like a regular person,and never speed in your life.

polarbear - I did about half of those.I broke them in properly like I was supposed to,did the 30mph drive then slowly come to a stop like 1000+ times,then the 60mph,and so on.

craigm - Good point buddy,our cars do stop well....JUST NOT WHEN YOU COME TO HARD STOPS OVER AND OVER AGAIN.Lol,jeeze,I cant ever seem to get my point across.

If I wake up and take my car out for a drive,hall ass and run out 4th gear to about 100mph then start stopping...the cars going to stop fine.Now if I do that 3 more times,im fucked.Let the noise begin.Alot of people tell me its because theres nothing venting the calipers/bads. IE. If our fog lights were out that would be like a ram-air effect on our calipers causing them to get less hott which would result in the car breaking better,correct me if im wrong here guys.So im glad im the only person on these forums that thinks our cars stop like shit,guess im just really picky.Either that or everyone one of you just has brembos and wilwood brake kits,lol.
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you break that hard daily driving?
My rear pads gave out before my fronts. Primarily the Right rear. Now that is weird to me.
Our stockers are pretty good. If you are talking about constant hard braking any OEM brake system out there within a reasonable price range is going to give up once they get heated. Our brakes are one of the best. If you can't feel a difference between your stock brakes & powerslots with HPS pads, then something else is wrong with your car.
you sir, are an idiot. these brakes withstand quite a bit of abuse (when using the right pad). If you want to do repeated high speed stops step up to the HP+ pads, and be prepared for them to make some noise while doing so.
what you're experiencing is normal - perhaps a little more pronounced because of your pad compound choice.

how about calling them sucky when your brake distances don't meet your requirements.

right now you're calling a noise sucky-that's personal perception.
so yea i just read this and i though that maybe you should take your breaks off and got for a the forums a favor

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blue04 - Im not like on a rally course here,but shit man I feel like the SRT is the only car that does it.

srtgeezer - So did you replace ALL of your pads,or just the fronts?Its not really that I didnt notice anything.Like I did notice a tad bit,but I thought the noise would be gone,you know?

stowaway - Fuck you,if you dont have anything good to say stay out of the thread.Yeah these brakes withstand alot,dont everyones?I thought the Hawk HPS would be good,but I am dissappointed with them and the way they perform.But thanks for being a dick man,way to help me out! :)
manicou1 - Thanks man,I guess you and stowaway are best buddies. So if you could make your way down to Fort Lauderdale and talk shit to my face,that would be great,k?

Would anybody else like to flame this thread?
uh... by 20 (or even 30) thousand dollar car standards, the stock brakes are excellent (incl. fade resistance).

If you're road racing (or driving like an idiot on public roads), go to the road racing section and see what those guys are using.
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