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Ordered Tires and Each Shipped From Different Places

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I ordered some Tires from

I got 2 different tracking number. Tires are large so I thought ok 2 boxes. One Shipment which was 2 tires got to my house today and shipped from a place only a couple miles from where I live here in Cali. The other 2 tires shipped from Columbus, Ohio!!!!!! Seems a little interesting to me that they would ship from 2 totally different parts of the country. My other tires wont be here until Friday. Just seems kind of wierd to me. Anyone else have that happen when getting tires shipped???
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probably just different warehouse locations or suppliers.
you should've refused shipment and told the company your tires must all come from the same warehouse :jester:
LOL its just that im a little pissed since I have to wait to put my tires on.
tire places do that all the time, especially tire rack. they show you at the bottom of the screen when you get to the shipping information, which warehouses in which part of the country have the tires or wheels or whatever product your ordering in stock and how many of each.

just be glad your last two tires are on their way a little late and suddenly not coming at all.
Most places like that have more than one warehouse. If the closest one doesn't have enough to fill your order, they will send you all they have from the closest one, then send you the remaining parts from the 2nd closest warehouse. Nothing new about that. Not a reason to "refuse" the delivery. The only real way to get them all at the same time from the same warehouse would be to call them up to make your order and have them find out which warehouse can fill your order all at once. Then have them sent from that warehouse, even if it's not the closest one.
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