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opinions needed on engine please

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Ok, I need the help you fellow board members. I have 2 intake manifolds sitting in my room. One of them is rally wheel silver, and the other is gloss red. Both were done by Justin at JMB Performance. The silver one was free :clap: so thats why I have 2 of them. I just need opinions on which one to put on my car. Here is a pic:

Thanks everyone!
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I think silver>red on a red car. But, I'm not a fan of red on red stuff. Too much red = tomato. IMHO... black would look great with your red valve cover.
Im in the same boat as you. I have a black valve cover, a red w/black letter fuel rail cover, red intake and red throttle body. I ether want polished, red, or black....hmmmm....i think you should put on the red one....annnnnnd just gimmie the red one :hi:
I'm kinda leaning towards red right now.
I am thinking if you break out the various sand papers, a drill, a few of the polish wheels and so one you would be more than happier with those results, your car is screaming for a polished intake. Would go well with your motor mounts, intake, tranny cover, just think red would be overkill. Also look into the radiator hose that JMB sells, it is a hardpipe except for the ends, available in your choice of colors, gets rid of the big rubber hose look!:thumbsup:
elstokavich said:
I'm kinda leaning towards red right now.

thats fine ill just take the silver:jester:
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