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I recently gave my business to Triple Triangle Graphics, and I am blown away at the customer service and the pieces are awesome as well.

I ordered 2 badges from him, and they got here faster than anything I've ever ordered from the U.S. I live in Canada and usually everything always takes 2-3 weeks to get. I recieved his items less than 1 week after I ordered. That's impressive.:thumbsup:

Plus, when I opened the package one of the badges had some shipping damage (it was packaged excellent, so it was the shipping company's fault for sure). I sent him an email, and within the hour the whole thing was dealt with and he paid for my return shipping for the badge. Then first thing the very next morning he sent me a replacement badge without even recieving the original back yet!!!:wah?!: :thumbsup: :wah?!:

Thank you for one of the smoothest quickest transactions I have had to date on srtforums with a U.S. Vendor. I will recomend T.T.G. to anyone that is looking for a custom badge.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Here's the front badge, I'll post pics of the rear when it goes on,
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