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OldSchool vs NewSchool

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Don't kid youself, he's modded. He ran a 15.141, I ran a 14.571
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how bad was your 60ft. He stayed too close to ya :wink:
I had a 2.361 60' time. He was a lot more experienced than I am..
heh... I used to have a 95 5spd 4 dr stock appearing neon with the SOHC (not the DOHC rev happy motor) and I was running a 15.2 with that thing. I had bfg drag radials and I stripped the interior when runnin it. Mods were : Iceman CAI, UDP, mopar PCM, solid motor mounts, chikara header (same length as exhaust manifold etc... just a header, not much power) a stock cat, and a pacesetter exhaust.

That lil car is the reason I am buyin an SRT-4... i just gotta find a dealer in this area that has one, and get some money saved up so I wont have outrageous payments!

Neons rock :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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