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Hello everyone. I've always used OL AF to determine WOT. It has normally always been one of two values -
  1. Cruise - 14.37
  2. WOT - 11.77
Well, I noticed I was pretty lean 4k-5k rpms (12.6), so I added 7% fuel to this RPM range. After pulling a datalog, I'm now seeing a new OL AF. Any idea what caused this? I'm now even more lean! Though I'm not really seeing any knock.

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I always thought OL AF was just the commanded value, not actual AFR
Ohhh yeah I see the graph value now is 12.57 not 11.77

Any chance you adjusted the fuel the wrong way with the diablo? I know I did on my intune i2 way back when I first fucked with it. The + side said lean and the - said rich, so the displayed value would read -5% when you were actually adding fuel
Yeah Im pretty sure that's correct with the trinity, + is add fuel. At least thats how it was when I was upping boost on the stock tune last year with my t1000.
did you log injector duty cycle as well?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts