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well we hung out for a while, then headed out to a nearby highway to run. his car sounds extremely nice w/the exhaust work done and the setup is top notch. his piping is of the same if not better quality then a manufacturer like Borla. Im #1 on the list once he starts producing parts. They are very well made and have nice fitment. plus it sounds really nice, a little louder then stock but no where near the realm of ricey.

well i know u guys wanna know about the race. Me, im stock and was at 14 psi at the time of the race. him, he has a boost controller, downpipe and catback, he was seeing 12 psi. that downpipe and catback definately makes more efficent use of boost then stock.

we went from about a 65 roll in 4th gear. on my 3rd honk we went. the turbo spooled real quick and i pulled just about right away. from 65 to about 100 there was about 2-2 1/2 cars between me and him with me ahead. so in the end i had won by 2-2 1/2 cars. the only downside what that i was driving his car and he was in mine :D .

after driving his car, im really impressed boost comes in full alot earlier and pulls way harder then stock. like i said, once he begins producing those parts i plan on being the 1st person to have them on my car. theres no way i wanna take the chance of pulling up to somone w/that piping on their car and me w/o it. it will not even be a race. and the way he is making the piping it will be basically universal. just another upside. im really impressed. maybe hector can chime in. but im definately a customer once his product is out.
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