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Oil puke fest

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Well today i finally got around to changing my tranny fluid to some Royal Purple Synchromax. I had a lot of stuff out of the engine and wanted to clean up the oil i seen on the return line going to the turbo. It was all fine and dandy until i put it back on and didn't line the washer up right. I fired the car up in the garage and heard a rush of liquid and starting coasting out of the garage and then shut the car down. I got out to see a waterfall of oil dripping from underneath the car and a puddle rolling down the driveway. I almost cried and went into shock thinking i blew something up and the car was done :stab: . Turns out it was just the washer not on right, but man....the car was only on for 10 seconds and it spewed up the entire 5 quarts out of that little hole in that amount of time. Needless to say, i spent a while cleaning under the hood. Thank god i was just idling and shut down immediately.
So remember...if you mess with that oil return, remember to make sure both washers are where they are supposed to be. :clap:
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