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I installed an oil pressure gauge yesterday and I used the port at the back of the head (opposit pulleys). If you lok you will see a plug that you have to use a square drive to get off (your s3 bit will not work, it is bigger than that and smaller than your 1/4" socket extension). I used a slightly modified flathead bit and it came out with ease.
There is also plenty of room for the electrical sending unit without it being pushed by anything to cause any stress and possible breakage to the sending unit and a nice big oil leak.

As for the a/f, I couldn't figure out what resistor is needed to bring the 4.1 volt max down to 1 volt max so I just bought a cheap o2 sensor from my local auto parts store.

btw: I am in san jose, ca. I like being able to finally post. 8)
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