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Ahh yes....I know I know...the "little" oil leak...get a catch can. I've heard it all before. My little oil leak started at 400 miles...2 weeks after purchasing my srt back in November. I went to Holiday Dodge, in Fond du Lac...they didn't know what to tell me...."we'll talk to chrysler". In between November and now....from the time i got my axel seal replaced...or the two times I was in to the dealer for computer problems, and the time that I had my whole steering column replaced, oh and that time that the windshield molding popped up, and how could I forget the time that my moon roof came off track...but anyways-- every time i was's chrysler doing on that oil problem.."oh, we're still working with them". 25000 miles..yesterday I noticed it leaking more than it ever has before. So I call up Holiday today. Chrysler still doesn't have a fix for it, but they say it happens when the driver "abuses" their car. Hmm, here's me thinking, "Excuse me, are you suggesting that I abuse my car!!! I drive slower than my grandma!!!!" So I call up Chrysler...note that this is the second time I have called them regaurding this issue...they contact now Holiday really hates me:) Apparently they're going to try to fix this "oil leak" by replacing the PCV valve. :flame: You think they'd get a clue....since everyone seems to be saying get a catch can. But I'm being stubborn and feel that I shouldn't have to invest money into something that's a factory problem. Thank god for the lemon law in wisconsin!!! I've got a month to declare my pile a lemon!!! Anyways---just wanted to vent!!!
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