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Found it.

I had to jack under the passenger front tire area and in the middle is the wonderful oil filter and beside that the drain plug.

The K&N 1002 Oil Filter will still work but I am looking for another one that is longer but same width. The Neon HP1002 is less than 3/4 inch smaller in length but it will make no difference due to the volume the oil filter can clean over sny oem version.

In would caution anyone when you want to remove the oil filter, use a oil filter clamp jaw for the first time. The factory tightens the filter so tight that a standard slip on will not work. LOL

It said five quarts in the owner manual but I would add some info, when using a K&N oil filter, it will take at least a 1/2 quart more (due to the the element inside satuation) when running the engine for a couple minutes.
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