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- No malware (viruses)
- No threats
- Private parts need to be covered (see through clothes is not allowed)
- No racist slurs in a derogatory manner directly at another member
- No bypassing forum word filters
- Threads deemed NSFW (showing skin & gruesome) need to be labeled.
- Jailbait is NOT allowed.
- No Illegal Activity
- No excessive post whoring
- Porn Belongs on SOT

Bans will be on case by case basis and we WILL delete anything at our discretion. If you are warned not to discuss something, DON'T bring up.

As another warning:
Off-Topic is the unfriendly section - A section where there is zero respect or sympathy. Threads rarely stay on topic and newbs get attacked just for being a newb. Do not complain about posts in this section, for we will do nothing about it. If you don't like being FLAMED, post in the friendly Off Topic section, the Watercooler: The Water Cooler - SRT Forums - SRT4, SRT6, SRT8, SRT10 & Dodge Forum

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Hey everybody, the rules have been changed again! READ ME AND THEM!

Check the latest addition to the OT rules.

No bypassing the forum word filter.

This is your only warning. We will start issuing infractions for this very soon.

Also, cut out calling members ****** or other racial terms, whether they are filtered or not. We will use our discretion and infract/ban how we feel is appropriate.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
Not open for further replies.
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