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well i just picked my car up from the eighth visit to get my mis-fire resolved. Mind you, this is the second dealer to look at it.

They told me they couldnt get it to duplicate the problem which i knew would happen cause its cold outside and it rarely does it when its cold. The SM tells me my best bet is to talk to the GM at the dealer i bought it from so i go back to my sellin dealer in a huge rage and flip out on everyone.
The SM goes on a test drive with me and i manage to get the car to mis-fire so he knows what its doing. We go back to the dealer and he hooks the scan tool up to it and goes through everything and cant find anything new.
He calls STAR and goes over everything with the guy on the phone and the guy notices that this is the third time they have recieved a call for my problem, lol
The guy says to go ahead and replace the pcm now. So i agree to let them do it knowing damn well that its not gonna fix it. The SM said after that, if it doesnt fix it, then to file for arbitration cause there is no way that i will get denied.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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