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I pray for their family and friends. :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


Family 'destroyed' after fatal crash

Police said speed was a factor in a Pine Tree Drive crash that killed the driver, his girlfriend and his brother. The boys' family disputes cops' theory.


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Yirián Alonso had bought the red Camaro just a week ago. The 19-year-old, who was attending Ridge Technical Center in Winter Haven, had bought the muscle car at a cheap price and planned to sell it once he fixed it up a bit.

He never got the chance.

Alonso and his 18-year-old girlfriend, Adriana Calzadilla of Orlando, were killed when the Camaro spun out of control Friday afternoon, crashing into a tree along Miami Beach's Pine Tree Drive.

Also in the car: Alonso's younger brother, Yurián, and Joel Lombera, both freshmen at Miami Beach High. Yurián, 14, was declared dead Saturday at Jackson Memorial Hospital, a spokeswoman said.

Joel, also 14, suffered a fractured skull and is in intensive care, but is expected to recover, family members said.

Miami Beach police have said speed was ''definitely a factor'' and think the accident occured when Alonso was racing the driver of a white Mitsubishi Eclipse down the winding boulevard.

The two people inside the Eclipse -- driver Yosuany Laso and 14-year-old Alejandro ''Alex'' Lorenzo, also a freshman at Miami Beach High -- were not injured.

The Alonso family disputes the police department's version of events.

''They were not racing,'' Joaquín Alonso, the brothers' father, said while sitting in the hospital's waiting room surrounded by family and friends.

According to Robert Lorenzo, the father of Alex, both cars were on their way to Pollo Tropical after school when the accident took place. When the Camaro pulled away from a stoplight on Pine Tree Drive, Lorenzo said, the road was slick and the car slid into the median and lost control.

Lorenzo also said his son was responsible for pulling Joel Lombera from the car. After the car struck the tree, Lorenzo said, Alex reached in and cut the seat belt, freeing his friend.

''Thanks to him and his bravery, Joel is alive,'' said Amy Lopez, Joel's aunt. She added that all three young boys -- Joel, Alex and Yurián -- were ``best buddies.''

Family and friends described the Alonso brothers as ''bright, charming, ambitious'' kids who liked motorcycles and baseball and did well in school.

''They're like twins, but different ages,'' Alex Lorenzo said. ``They like doing everything the same.''

Recently Yirián Alonso had attended the funeral of a friend killed in a car crash, said Evangelina Gonzalez, his grandmother. He brought home a keepsake in remembrance of his friend.

''Just yesterday both were here,'' Gonzalez said, pointing to the leather couches in the living room of their Miami Beach home, where a framed photograph of the boys hung. ``It's destroyed the family.''

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It's very sad to hear about such stories, i'm no one to say if they were racing or if ti was simply an accident, but the reality is that at this point it really does not matter, they are dead. My deepest condolences and prayers go out to the familes involved.

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Such a waste........

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So sad indeed. I would have never expect to hear from one of my colleagues that the girl who got killed was one of my students' sister.

My student has dropped out school for he can't deal with this tragedy. Unfortunately, he's now alone with his mom. It's good to know I can contact him so he doesn't go alone through this difficult moment. Her sister was a sweet and intelligent person and worked as a manager at Mc Donald's (Downtown Disney).

My prayers go out to them.

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SRT(in)Miami said:
I would never recommend to a parent for them to give their child a fast car when their are still too young and maturing..Being 18 with a Camaro is too much car for a kid that young...

agreed but not a V6 Camaro...had one from 17-20yr old and no problem. :cool: Then again it did get mucho attention from the popos.

Either way I feel bad for his family. I sold my Camaro to a 16yr old so I hope he didn't destroy it.
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