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No CE light??

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I have an 05 Srt-4 and i just put on the maxxfab 3' dp to borla catback

and no check engine light..?

i thought 05's were really sensitive to a new exhaust?

lol im not complaining, but im just wondering why?
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just wait a few weeks.

or do you have a stage pcm?

or does your dp have a cat. converter?
well for one, if your running a cat, it shouldnt throw a code as long as the cat is FUNCTIONING PROPERLY.

if you have a staged upgrade, it wont throw a code at all, because the downstream 02 sensor which detects the cat, is not used by a staged pcm. a staged pcm only reads the upstream 02 sensor located in the 02 housing right after the turbo.

the only thing sensitive to the computer when it comes to a new exhaust is the presence of a properly functioning cat.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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