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So I'm thinking about getting some drag radials. I want tires that will help me run faster times both drag racing and autocrossing. I'd also like tires that I could use on the street. Tread life is not that important to me.

SCC rated these tires as one of the top ten stickiest street-legal tires, and friends have told me that they are the best drag radials. And I've seen in several places on the net that people think these are pretty good autocross tires too and have been using them for that. So my decision's made, right?

Wrong. Tire size. Need advice. These are the sizes they have:

205/55R14 85V 6.3 22.84 8.39 5.5-(6.5)-7.5 [email protected] 908
205/45R15 81V 6.3 22.17 8.19 6.5-(7.0)-7.5 [email protected] 938
P275/60R15 107V 6.3 27.76 11.10 7.5-(8.0)-9.5 [email protected] 748
P275/50R15 101V 6.3 25.75 11.18 7.5-(8.5)-9.5 [email protected] 808
*205/45R16 87V 6.3 23.15 8.19 6.5-(7.0)-7.5 [email protected] 899
225/50R16 92V 6.3 24.88 9.02 6.5-(7.0)-8.0 [email protected] 834
P245/50R16 96V 6.3 25.67 9.80 7.0-(7.5)-8.5 [email protected] 811
P245/45R17 95V 6.3 25.71 9.69 7.5-(8.0)-9.0 [email protected] 808
P275/40R17 93V 6.3 25.63 10.91 9.0-(9.5)-11.0 [email protected] 811
315/35R17 102V 6.3 25.79 12.13 (10.5)-12.0 [email protected] 806
305/45R18 110V 6.3 28.78 12.05 9.5-(10.0)-11.5 [email protected] 722

The narrowest 17's are 245, too wide I'm sure for our SRT-4. And the only option for 15's are 205, but I want something wider than stock. So I'm thinking of dropping to a 16" wheel, and getting 225/50R16's. I'm thinking the smaller wheel will effectively drop my gear ratio a little, but not too much, and will have less wheel weight at the rim, allowing quicker acceleration, and the wider tire will help traction.

Another thing... I know that for dragging, most people put these just on the drive wheels. But for autocrossing I'd want to have all 4 tires the same right? I wouldn't look stupid ordering 4 drag radials would I?

What do you all think? Should I get 16" wheels and these tires? Do you think I'll have any problems with this setup?

Dan R.

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The BFG tires are great for the strip, but they totaly, totaly suck on the rain! Some of my supra buddies had the ass spin out driving the car in the rain and they where not boosting. SOme even had it give out on a turn on dry pavement. Those tires are only for going straight.

I dont recommed you put BFg on all 4 wheels if its your daily driver.

I suggest a nice performance tire like the yokohama avs series. Very popular for SCCA.

If you want a tire for the track, then get a 16" rim with drag radials. YOu can drive those to the track with no problem. Not sure if a 15 would hit hte caliper?

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How small of a wheel can you fit on the car?
For autoXing a 15x7.5 would probably be great because of the added width, and probably wouldn't weigh as much.

Either way I would definitely go with a wider wheel for drag or autoX.

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I've been doing A LOT of tire and wheel research this weekend, and based on the feedback I've gotten (especially Hec's), I've completely rethunk this thing.

So this is what I'm going to get this week, for my daily driving and racing wheels/tires:

Wheels: Enkei DM5 18x7.5 38mm offset.

Tires: Yokohama Parada Spec-2 215/40ZR-18

I think this is going to be pretty bad ass. I'll post pics when I get them.

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