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I have spent the better part of my weekend reading as much as I can on SRT4's as I am considering buying one....found out about a few of their little problems and most of the main upgrades that need to happen right thing I have been suprised about though is the lack of mention of NOS as it is commonly called these days....I was wondering is it just not something that will work on these SRT's or is it just that for the most part they dont need it? Congrats on the board overall...everyone is fairly friendly and helpful...which is rather uncommon on forums...glad to see that not everyone is NOS crazy here either...whether it works or not on the SRT's on any other honda board it would be every other post... Oh...on a side note, do you have to buy the performance kits in stages? like one first then two etc? Or can you just buy the stage 3 right away? Not sure how that works...Thanks in advance for the replies...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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