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Nitrous Oxide is an efficient means of getting more oxygen into the combustion chamber. Initially the
N2O injection will cool the incoming charge due to the energy expended on vaporization into the air fuel mixture. However, do to the dramatic increase in power output, the sustained use of N2O increases cylinder temperatures to the point you may require a spark plug one or two heat ranges colder. If the nitrous is used only for very short bursts, (less than 10 seconds), then the standard plug can likely be used with no spark plug heat change necessary.

Can I use platinum plugs with nitrous injection?

No, it is not suggested to use platinum plugs with nitrous oxide injection.
There have been instances where the platinum tip has lost its bond to either the center or ground electrode when they were used in a motor with nitrous.
Thus far the tech's say they have had no problems using Iridium plugs with nitrous.

Can I use Iridium plugs with nitrous injection

Yes. We double checked with the tech’s on this one, they say, while they have been watching for problems, thus far, there has been no reports of any problems in using iridium plugs with a nitrous system.
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