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Nice Road Near Starved Rock

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Well a friend of mine invited me to go out with her to a place called "Starved Rock" which is sorta this hiking trail/park area.... its a very sceneic place... and she was telling me about this road that is leads you in... so we drove out there... which is about 2 hours from chicago... me always filming things... i was able to mount my video cam... and take this footage!!!! it was a awesome and extremely fun drive!!!

Click here for VID!!!! Turn it up!!!

I have been wanting to purchase a "StickPod" and this puts it over the top on if i'm buying or not... usually when i film... i hold the camera in my right hand and steer with my left... usually i through the car into 5th and cruise on it... but there was no way that i could of done this on this road.... it was constant shifting... I felt the need to constantly up and down shift to regulate my speed into curves and corners... now looking back over the footage i don't think there were any "hair-pins" but almost all turns were "90 degree" turns with up and down hill inclines... Luckily enough we had stopped off at a Best Buy prior to heading out so that i could purchase a tripod, and so we strapped the tripod with the camera to the passenger seat with a few creative restraints and to my suprise it work fantastically.

The footage is from our last run prior to heading over to Peru to grab a bite to eat... The Road is basically a single lane in either direction... It is about a 10 mile run from where you see us turn from a light til the enterance of the Park which is indicated by a brown sign that you see near the end of the video... the video is 4min 35 seconds long... but it is at 2x so that comes out to 9min and 10sec of real time... and that comes out to averaging about 60mph through out the video... unfortunately its dark so i would suggest that you increase the "Contrast" and "Saturation" to the maximum in u'r viewer (windows media player 9 is what i'm using) and that gives you a pretty good video images... Also from past footage and videos that i have made... I have noticed that the "feel" or "sense" of speed is hard to convey on video... in prior video's when i am moving at 100+mph it doesn't really look like it if all you see is the road passing by... and when we watched the footage off the camera... we both commented that it looked so slow... so i speed up the footage some on this version... it is much closer to the feel that we had on our runs... Hope this helps people get a better feel for what type of road this was.
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dude that is awesome. I live right by joliet so ive been there a long time ago but dont remember that road. Looks like ill have to be going back soon!
Very nice video. :thumbsup:
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