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Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the mounds of info on this forum I have been reading off this site now for a few months bought an 05 srt4 a few months back wanted one years ago but decided to buy one now searched months to find one I liked and now many months later Reading endless post on this site and a bunch
of new parts finally able To drive it around half to say if not for this site i would have gave up and passed it on but lots of cleaning repairs very happy with the results

05 srt-4 white
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Congrats and welcome to the forums and the srt-4 life. Have fun and enjoy!!!

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Hello, I am new for this forum too.😄 I had an almera before, but now I want to change one.Recently I am interested in srt, and want to know more about it.

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Hello, I am new for this forum too.😄 I had an almera before, but now I want to change one.Recently I am interested in srt, and want to know more about it.
Well being the car is 15 years old had some issues but ran reasonably well
Drove 4 hours to get it but on the way home timing belt snapped luckily no damage
Then started replacing parts
Timing belt water pump kit
Apg gear extenders
walbro fuel pump
Fuel pump rewire
Coil pack wires and plugs
Cv axels
Cam sensor and magnet
then added
Afr gage
Car had some mods
Cold air
3 inch Straight pipe exhaust with doors in the back
And aftermarket blow off
After the pics above
Forward motion waist gate
Big wheel stock turbo
3 bar map and tip
30 psi boost gage
And custom tune from dsp
Spikes about 25-26 then holds 17 at red line
Put it on the dyno Local shop claims 282hp 297 tq not sure if I believe it tho
Car runs great afr at wot are 10.6-11.3
I can say for a car thats 15 years old It can run with some of the cars today
My list of wins
2019 Challenger rt
2016 Mustang 5.0
Bunch of turbo honda Civic New and older ones
Camaro ss (proud of that one lol)
Turbo 3.8 Hyundai Genesis
Wife took down a wrx
and just A bunch of kids With rice thinking there fast
but as far as a car goes there very impressive definitely worth having one good tires and the boost by gear is a must In my opinion car rides good and even with all the parts i changed the motor is stock with 130.000 miles on it and runs like a charm my wife and i drive it about 3 times a week drive iusually take our out of town trips because its really good on gas never have any issues not sure if i will ever do anything more to it because honestly its really good the way it is
There are many things that are kinda cheep about the car but the drivers Experience an exhaust note makes up for it The sound is Angelic not really sure what else to say about it but get one fix the Its flaws and you will be rewarded with a tire blazing Exhaust screaming little rocket Followed by a A lot cracking snapping popping And even flames sometimes when you let off the gas and that makes it oh so worth it
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