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New Pics!!!!!11111 56k Nooo

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Comments Welcome!!!! :thumbsup:
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Clean that interior up! ;)

Nice car...very clean. What kind of rims are those?
5zigen fno1rc in matte black
Sweet. Loving the black rims. Nice, simple, clean.
Nice car. Your SRT pulls the wingless look off pretty good.
F-in sweet! love the whole car! wish i still had my e-blue :(

Is that the mopar catback?
Yeah with teh needswings always open. LOLZ
Does anyone else notice his zeitronix says boost is -25.5 while his boost gauge says -20?
does anyone notice that i dont have teh boost sensor??
looks good man, wish you would have taken to winged warrior !
^^ that is right.. that is what I am trying to stick to. I would like to do CBD hood and trunk
Thanks for the comments guys... keep them coming
245/40/17!? Damn those are some wide tires and they look mean as hell. The whole car looks mean. Great job man.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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