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New lip idea ! Need forums input to get the go ahead...

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Hey folks.... i come to you with a new idea that hopefully will be a go. Now myself ive been looking for something to upgrade the look of my srt for awhile. Im not much on carbon fiber or anything over the top. I like suttle, but alot of the suttle add on's is a bit too suttle. Ive been talking with 2000neon2SRT-4 the fabricator for Carbon Works i believe about a new lip idea for those who want something a bit more then what they currently offer, but still not as aggressive as say a Kaminari lip. My idea is this, have any of you seen the Mugen lips ?? Here is a link to a random site just so you can get an idea of what the lip looks like if you dont know ....
Now the lip that 2000neon2Srt-4 offers is great, but its only in CF and if you dont have anything CF on your car, it really clashes. Also if you paint it, it basically looks like nothing was added. Now the Mugen kinda of lip that i suggested is a bit more aggressive and even if painted still stands out a bit. For this to go, the manufacture wants to see support from the community to see different opinions. So go ahead folks, give your input.... if he gets enough interest this will be a go. Thanks for reading !
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It's something i'd definately have to see installed before deciding...could look good but I can't picture that on any car but a Honda
Daryl said:
It's something i'd definately have to see installed before deciding...could look good but I can't picture that on any car but a Honda

It wouldnt be exactly the same, but its the basic jist of how it would look. The vents might not be there , but the little extensions on the bottom would. I guess you could call it a toned down version of Kaminari.
too rice for me, bt if you like it go for it.
I dont really like it too much. I just like a simple lip.
Well, I just did some really quick chops. Nothing crazy, I just spent literally two minutes on them, but hopefully they will be a rough idea.

I think the vents (if kept in the design) should match up in line and shape with the stock fog light bezels.

(Oh, and I am sorry to CTA for hacking up this picture of their car)

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WOW... thanks alot Steve !! .. now people will sorta get the picture of what it could look like.
I actually wasnt sure it was going to look good but if the holes line up withthe foglights like that i think it would look sick
Really? I think our car has enough holes in its bumper as it is.
Well id be most likely going for the first photo that <Srt-4> posted.... but bump for more input on this !
Come on folks, to make this happen we need more support. You now have an idea what it would look like. YaY or NAY... it doesnt matter just show me your support.
Reminds me of the old Greddy lips they has for my TT supra.

Simple to install, usualy some double sided tape and some screws and wala!
I actually like the look of all three of those designs. It's something different, yet not too crazy or flashy. I would definitely be interested in something like this
I wish someone would make a nice urethane lip for our cars. I'm kinda in the market for a new lip since someones driveway recently smashed my Kaminari lip.
i'd buy it

i like the first one the best...i'd definitely buy one.
I would maybe buy one. I am more in the market for the Carbon by Design front lip spoiler (one of the other guys was going to make it out of something else, not a big fan of carbonfiber) but that style of lip.

But I might be insterested in this since it would be polyurethane, which I like better than the carbon fiber or fiberglass which crack too easily. Atleast the polyuerethane would be able to take a small impact without much damage. Roads over here are too dangerous for that type of stuff.
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Urethane and I am sold... love the fist 2 designs
Bump to keep this thread going...
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