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Hi, i'm new here.

Still up in the air over 3 cars....

'01 Audi A4 1.8t quatro



My last car was:

'97 Eclipse RS
Star Stage 4 Turbo kit
T3/4 with the 'E' option (bigger compressor)
JE pistions (lowered compression)
Crower rods
B&M S. shifter
CF dual friction clutch
apexi 3" cat-back
greddy BOV
spearco FMIC
greddy TT
XS dual stage boost controller
RC 550cc injectors
walbro pump
vortec FPR
apexi SAFC
tockiko 5-ways in the back
3" D. pipe
race pipe (no cat)
basic lower and 17" rim job
the most expensive tires i could find (for the front anyways)
low 13.1 on street tires...12.4 on slicks

got tired of snapping axles and holes in my tranny as 1/2" steel gear shafts had a tendency to snap. Oh and by the way, my RS eclipse used all DC componets (DSM).

if i continue with my current place of employment i'm leaning towards the Evo. But the sensible side tells me the srt-4. they are both worth the money, as long i can find an Evo at MSRP in so-cal............

i've noticed alot of you are new to the whole turbo thing, well all i have to say is that, fuel + spark = happy car.


boost is like it in moderation.

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manek1 said:
remember, boost is like it in moderation.

Now GET OFF THE CRACK! :shock:

Get either one, the SRT-4, or the Evo and you'll be :lol:
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