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New guy :)

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Well... my father just bought an SRT-4.. he went to a dealership to look at one, outta curiousity since I've been talkin about it... and put a deposit down on it. He picks it up on monday. He said he fell in love with it when he got up close, and checked out the interior etc. He hasn't even driven it yet.

No.. I'm not gonna drive HIS car... I'm not some kid who's daddy buys their cars for them.

I plan on buying myself one in a few months, after I get back from a deployment, so I can have a nice 5k deposit to put down.

My question though... is when are they going to be available and how much are the various stages of performance going to cost? Will any of the stages come with a LSD like some of the magazines have mentioned??

Sorry for the lenghty post... hopeing to have many convos with y'all.
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welcome and watch out for subies srts worst enemy :lol: you should check out the five minute video.
already did :)
plan on buyin the highest stage performance kit I can get dodge to do... should be in the next 4 months or so I can do it.
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