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new camera, new pics, check it out

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photobucket messed them up when they resized it they looked way better b4 but oh well let me know what you think.

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Looks good dude. :thumbsup:

What camera did you go with?
sony dsc-h5, just couldn't bring myself to buy a d40 its so much money.
looks good, but I am still debating on the side mirros
I like everyting but the side mirrors and the fuel door. Nice car though.:thumbsup:
Looks sick dude!
thanks, i know alot of people don't like the mirrors but i hate the stock mirrors they are so huge and textured, and they look so ugly on any srt except for black, thats my opinion
looks great!, but im just not a fan of those side mirrors.
Wow you are so lucky to have white, I love the car and the pics!
looks sweet man i like the way your hood is painted
looks good man, some black wheels would really set the car off :thumbsup:
looks good, i love the hood
i want to see a straight on shot so we can see that hood
i want to get some black rims but i have no money right now, i'm thinkin of getting the rims i have painted black, i have some motegi's,
not the best pic i'm was still messing with the camera to get the best settings
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Learn to use custom white balance, you're pics will look SOOOOOO much better.
i haven't even touched that, thanks i'll have to try it tonight
What you do is set it to auto white balance take a picture of somehting white (go up to your car, fill the frame with the door panels white paint, but don't shadow the light by standing in front of it) the camera uses this picture to set what white is supposed to look like in the current lighting). Go to custom white balance, and it will say "set custom white balance" and you scroll through the pictures till you find the full frame door pic. Once custom is set, take pics of your car, if you change lighting, you'll have to set the custom WB again or try going back to auto. It'll keep the yellowish tint to your photos down to a minimum.
heres a little bit better front shot, i'm still messing with the white balance it seems to work good when its bright but those pics i took were in a really dark area.
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1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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