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went to cecil county last night to drag race....wasnt sure how i'd do since the last time i went i only had a 3" turboback exhaust when i raced. I also was running on the STOCK factory street tires w/32psi(cold) air in all 4 of them!!! w000t!!! here's the breakdown:

r/t .355 (could have been a LOT better lol, but oh well :buah: )
60' 2.258
330 5.893
1/8 8.742
MPH 87.62
1000 11.193
1/4 13.250
MPH 110.20

let me know what ya'll think:cool: i'm pumped! i really WISH i would have had a set of slicks, i think i could have gotten anywhere from a 12.4-12.5 E.T. pass to go along w/that high trap speed of 110.20mph :thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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