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Long story short car has been in storage for 6 years. New injectors, new turbo. Old sct that's garbage, and a dtec that is shot. Got hp tuners but I can't read or write to a stg 2 ecu, yes it's an ngc3 ecu. I was looking for someone that would let me jack into there car and try to read there ecu. Not tune, change, or write to it just see if my box and cables is working properly. I have read there have been a few time they have been bad and was causing the problem.

Takes 3 min tops.

Please pm me

Anyone in the area that uses hp tuners on there car and knows what there doing. I could use some pointers.

Anyone with a 05 stock, stg1 or stg2 ngc3 ecu that it can read I will buy it from you. Just want to drive my car for the fist time in 6 years

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