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meddle said:
I really want to get an srt-4 and that is still totally the plan. It has occured to me lately that maybe Id have more fun taking out a $12k loan and trying to turn my '94 Accord 4-cyl base model into a cool car. It would be cheaper than getting $20k into debt and Id learn a lot from it. I do not want to do it though if even $10k worth of mods (Id have to spend $2k on basic repairs and asthetics) wont be enough to make it faster than the srt-4 is stock.

What do you guys think? I know this isnt a Honda forum but you guys know your cars so I thought Id ask.
If that's want you want to do than go for it. I enjoyed modding my Mustangs but keep in mind once you start it's hard to stop & when you try to sell the car later you will lose every cent you put into it. On the other hand, I don't believe you have $20k debt on a car that you can resell for close to what you paid for it. The SRT will get you much more attention/appreciation from friends and strangers as well. Why not get it if you can afford it and have fun modding it instead of a car that's been around for a while? I'm sure you'll have fun whatever you decide!
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