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Need rim opinions for my car (Pics inside)

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What rims do you guys think would go good with my car? Anyone know of any that are black with chrome lips that would go good with my car? Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:

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Just searched for them and they look damn good. Thanks. Any other opinions?
Yeah. I seen them on a black car in the gallery.
goats srt said:
i say HP racing EVO on 18's
Great looking wheels. Mine are very similar Tork Champions. Also the Nexo M-20.
HP racing EVO = DROOL ... especially the hyper dark ones or whatever the finish is called

put them on your car and i will envy you
Ssw Imagine (gloss Black Sr)
Size: 18x8
PCD: 5x100
ET: 35

Just saw these and liked them at edgeracing, throught they would suit your car, unique.
SSW - Inferno
Hyper Black W/ Polished Lip

Edge Racing
how much do you want to spend on wheels?
SRT98168 said:
how much do you want to spend on wheels?
1200-1500 for a wheel and tire package.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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